Who is looking after your children?

Recently I was lucky enough to go out carousing with a group of fantastically fun and gorgeous women.

I turned into hyper party Jane and spent the evening talking to a great many people that I had not met before, including a number of men.

After exchanging  pleasantries, they invariably asked me the standard questions about marriage and children and jobs.

And after I informed them that I had three children, they ALL, yes ALL, asked me “Who is looking after your children?”

To which I dutifully replied “Their father” (like duh, who were you expecting, the Queen or something).

I have come to realise (for this is not the first time I have had these comments) that this mother-out-on-the-town situation is rare and slightly bizarre for it must always be commented on and examined by those possessing a Y-chromosome.

For no-one would ever enquire of a father of three children who is out on the town “who is looking after your children?”  for it is so bleedingly obvious that it will be their lovely wife who is possibly pregnant, maybe barefoot, and definitely at HOME.

So I would like to make a little point.  It is OK for women to go out on the town, without their husbands.  Healthy in fact.   Men are totally and utterly capable of reading a book to a child and then tucking them into bed.  In fact, men are more than capable of being active, involved parents and I know many who are (see SuperDad!)


2 thoughts on “Who is looking after your children?

  1. Great writing party pants Jane, however, I have to fess up to asking fellow party Mamas the exact same question.
    Yes, I have evolved- ish.
    Nice work duckster.

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