I have a secret.  It’s something I don’t talk about often for fear of reprisal.

My husband is a Super Dad.

Shhhhhh!  I don’t want this getting around. I know it’s unfair. I’ve read the articles, seen the stats.  Most women, even if they work, take on more than their fair share of the burden of housework, cooking and looking after kids.

My husband is the exception to the rule. He’s fantastic with my girls, an amazing cook and enjoys, ENJOYS (I know, it’s sickening) nothing more when he gets home from work than a quick vacuum around the kitchen and lounge to make himself feel King of his Domain.

He then lights a few choice lamps, some incense, tidies the lounge, bathes the kids and cooks a delicious meal.

It’s at this point that I tend to trip through the front door, weary from a long day of marketing and management.

Invariably, three clean, smiling, pajama-ed girls turn from the table, look at me and announce “Mummy, you’re just in time for dinner”.  OK, OK  I may have left reality a little here.  Sometimes that is the case, and sometimes one of the girls is kicking another under the table or proclaiming “I won’t eat that”.  But what I have described DOES HAPPEN in my house, just not all the time.

Furthermore he is completely and utterly comfortable with this.  He has no insecurities about being the Dad in the playground most of the time.  He doesn’t give a toss what other people think.  He goes to the veggie garden at school, snips a little rosemary and parsley for the evening’s dinner menu and chats with the mums who tend the garden and are glad to see the herbs go to good use.

The only time he has been caught out was the day he was playing at home with our girls and one of them put her tiara on his head.  That afternoon he went out to the shops to find some replacement vacuum parts.  I was at home at the time so he decided to go solo.  He went into the shop, did what he needed to do, got back into the car and upon looking in the rear vision mirror realised that he still had the tiara on his head.  “I wondered why the guy was looking at me funny” was his only comment when he got home,  after first asking me accusingly “WHY didn’t you tell me I still had the tiara on my head?”.  Which of course I couldn’t reply to, being as I was helplessly convulsing in laughter on the floor.

I do pay my penance though.  He does occasionally go away for work, and when he does it’s for up to 9 weeks at a time.  Which leaves me as mum, marketer, manager, cook, and cleaner.

When this happens I tend to go into shock.  After the reality has sunk in, I go to the wardrobe and silently, reluctantly, but with a good deal of pride, pull out and dust off my Super Mum outfit.

6 thoughts on “SuperDad

  1. So very, very true and he deserves the praise enormously – he’s the best housekeeper (of any gender) and dad (this is technically limited to one gender) I know!! But you left out of your list his love of rearranging furniture… still makes me laugh!!

  2. Love the tiara story – that’s gold! You are extremely lucky… I wouldn’t mind just one night of walking in from a long day at work to a cooked dinner… *sigh*

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